exhibitions at the Courthouse


An Iron Age Pot

The History of Petersfield

18 March - 29 November 2014

This years main displays at the Courthouse will focus on the history of Petersfield, including displays commemorating the First World War and the 70th anniversary of D-Day. We will also have displays relating to childhood, leisure, the emergency services and George Marston.

Petersfield's Club Life

18 March - 31 May 2014, Foyer

This exhibition will explore the appeal of club life and tell the history of Petersfield's societies, from sports to amateur theatre and civic societies, in objects and photographs

Life, Death and Honour: Soldiers of the Great War

3 June - 6 September 2014, Foyer

This exhibition, curated by year 8 students from a local high school, will focus on the local men who fought for their country, their experience of war, their stories of bravery and how we remember them today.              

Life on the Heath

9 September - 29 November 2014, Foyer

This exhibition will explore how Petersfield Heath has been used over the years. From the earliest Stone Age settlers through to ice creams and boat hire, it is a key part of the community

exhibitions at the Flora Twort Gallery


Historic costume gallery

In our historic costume gallery we will be showing dress from the first two decades of the 20th century, illustrating the change from complex dresses to looser fits that allowed movement.

Temporary exhibitions

Community exhibitions

A range of exhibitions by local artists, schools and community groups showcasing their work in our community gallery..
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1930's Flora Twort

Flora Twort

Enjoy the art of local artist Flora Twort and explore her beautiful pictures of Petersfield and its people. This years exhibition will focus on Flora Twort, her friends and the environment in which she worked.                

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Petersfield Museum purchases Police Station

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People of the Heath

The new People of the Heath website has now been launched! Click here to get all the latest updates and information!

Hylton Estate papers online

The Petersfield Estates

Click on the document to look at the Hylton Estate Sale papers from 1911, which include details of many properties in Petersfield.

Museum Newsletter

Read the 2014 Summer issue of Museum newsletter, The Squeaker, here.

Read the 2014 Spring issue of The Squeaker here.

Walks and Talks

Petersfield Museum will be running an exciting range of walks and talks throughout the year. For more information click here

Holiday Activities

We have a range of exciting activities at the Flora Twort Gallery during the school holidays.

Petersfield Museum is a registered charity* and all the profits from these events will help to continue the museums work in collecting and preserving the town’s heritage, maintaining the buildings, care for items in the collection, improve educational activities, and ensure the long term future of the museum.

*Charity Registered no. 1108817