Inns and Breweries

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Travelling by coach from London to Portsmouth required crossing some of the highest points in Hampshire. Nestled between the hills, Petersfield was the perfect place for a rest stop.

The one thing Daniel Defoe, author of Robinson Crusoe, had heard about Petersfield in 1724 was that it was full of good inns. One inn, the Old White Hart on the High Street, was fit for a king. In 1661, Samuel Pepys visited Petersfield and wrote in his diary that he had stayed in the same room as King Charles II.

Ordinary householders occasionally offered lodging, and almost always served home-brewed beer. In Petersfield, brewing began on an industrial scale in the late 1800s. Thomas Amey and his brewery manager travelled around town collecting orders on penny farthing bicycles.

Did you know?

During King Charles II’s reign there was a coin shortage. Local tradespeople needed coins to pay wages, so they created their own. Thomas Jacques of the Old White Hart Inn, Petersfield, issued this halfpenny token coin.