The Railway

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100 years ago, there were eight train stations within ten miles of here, serving Petersfield, Liss, Elsted, Rogate, East Tisted, Privett, West Meon and Droxford.

From 1864, rail passengers could travel east from Petersfield on the Midhurst branch line. To the west, the Meon Valley Railway boasted beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. The trains were never very busy, and both lines eventually closed to passengers on 5 February 1955.


Timetable for the Southern Railway, trains between London and Portsmouth, 1 October 1934

Train ticket, Elsted to Rogate
, 5 February 1955


Train tickets, Tisted to Privett, 5 February 1955


Souvenir train ticket from the 150-year anniversary celebrations of the Portsmouth direct line, 13 April 2009


Enamel sign from Petersfield railway station

Private collection


Brown silk day dress, around 1868 – 1873


Child’s dress, cape and detachable sleeves in brown diamond pattern, around 1860


Hand-held stereoscope

The railway heralded a new era of tourism, but not everyone could afford to travel. The stereoscope enabled Victorians to view pyramids, temples and cathedrals from their living room. The scenes were brought to life using this early 3D technology, which is said to have been as popular as television.


London and South West Railway Company (L&SWR Co) cast iron boundary post, 1858 – 1859

Before the L&SWR Co could build a railway line to Petersfield, they had to purchase land in the town. They marked the edge of their property with these boundary posts. 

This showcase was purchased in 2021 with support from the Petersfield Area Historical Society.