Petersfield Museum wants to be accessible for all.

The Museum’s team has produced a range of resources for use by visitors with SEND. This page will share what is available so please keep coming back as we will add more resources over time.

Prepare for Your Visit

We have created a Visual Story to help you prepare for your visit to the museum. This story covers the safety changes we have put in place due to Covid-19, in addition to information about the route you will take around the museum.

We have also created a PECS® style set of pictures/symbols to help you plan the sequence of your visit to the museum. The visit planning board is designed to help families plan their visit around the museum and is in a similar style to the PECS boards used in schools and at home. They use the same symbols as the PECS style floor plan map which you can download on this page. It is also included in our SEND backpacks.

Visit Planner Map

Visit Planner Symbols

Visual Story

Sensory Backpacks

Our Sensory Backpacks are available to help make your visit more enjoyable and help keep you calm as you explore.

Included in each backpack are:

Ear defenders

Fiddle toys x 4

Magnifying glass

Sand timers

A puppet to show around

A ‘Today I will visit’ PECS style visit planning board

A map of the museum with PECS style symbols

A photo list of contents

These are free to borrow by signing them out at the Welcome Desk and leaving some form of ID as security (passport/driving licence/credit card). 'This will be stored securely and returned when the backpack is given back to a museum team member at the Welcome Desk.