Edward Thomas

Edward Thomas is widely regarded as a major poet and his posthumous influence on English poetry has been considerable. He took much inspiration from the natural beauty of the South Downs countryside, especially around his home near Steep, Petersfield. His poetry was all written during the last few years of his life and his later pieces relate to his experiences after enlisting. This remarkable flowering of genius was cut short by his death in action during the First World War on 9 April 1917 at the Battle of Arras. 


Petersfield Museum now houses the Edward Thomas Study Centre, an important and accessible research resource. The Centre holds extensive range of books collected by the late Tim Wilton-Steer by and about Edward Thomas, including rare early editions and books with references relating to him. The Study Centre, which is run by the Edward Thomas Fellowship, is open to Museum and other visitors every Wednesday and Thursday. Outside these times it is accessible for researchers and other visits  by appointment. To find out more, please contact the Edward Thomas Fellowship.

  • An excellent Edward Thomas exhibition. A joy to see original letters and early editions.