Explore the amazing stories of the local area!

The history of the local area is over 10,000 years in the making. It is a story of people and their lives which have shaped and continue to shape the history of Petersfield and the surrounding area. Click on the links in the titles below to explore our stories.

The stories are an online version of the tablet texts that can be found in the Museum's galleries.

Every story has been written with the help of our dedicated volunteers. You can find a link to our acknowledgements here.

You can also explore the text found in the Museum's galleries such as, text from text panels, cases and drawers here

Trade and Industry

Discover the local areas links to trade and industry. Find out about the various lost industries of Petersfield and the surrounding area. Also find out about the history of some of Petersfield’s most historic shops and businesses.


Mid-century Petersfield

During the mid-1900s the local area underwent significant changes. New buildings were constructed which altered the look and feel of the area. Here you can explore how the area changed over time through its buildings and schools. 



Discover the history of the area during wartime through the lives of Petersfield's residents.


Strategic Position 

Petersfield's history has been shaped by its location, on the main route from London to Portsmouth. Discover the effects that roads and the railway have had on Petersfield and the surrounding area. Explore the history of wealthy landowners and some of their links to slavery and colonialism.


Fairs and Markets 

Learn about Petersfield's history as a market town and agricultural centre.



Explore the archaeological finds and ancient buildings discovered in the local area.



Petersfield Museum is housed in the town's old courthouse and police station. Explore what it was like to be a local magistrate or police officer.


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