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Archaeological finds from Froxfield

"In 1888 in the nearby village of Froxfield, a man named John Silvester discovered objects that were thousands of years old in his field..."

Liss Roman villa

"Following the realignment of the A3, Roman pottery and tiles were found in a field in the nearby village of Liss..."


People of the Heath: excavating Petersfield’s Bronze Age cemetery

"Burial mounds, known as barrows, have stood on Petersfield Heath for thousands of years..."


Roman Villas

"Ancient Roman-style houses, also known as villas, have been discovered across the local area..."


Secrets of the graves on Petersfield Heath

"During the Bronze Age, funerary practices were diverse..."


The Heath over time

"Petersfield Heath was once covered in plant life..."


The Iron Age sites of Chalton and Torberry Hill

"Close to Petersfield in the civil parishes of Chalton and Harting there is evidence of people living in the area from around 600 BC during the Iron Age..."


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