The Flora Twort Gallery

The current exhibition on display in The Flora Twort Gallery is: Distinctive and Distinguished: The work of Flora Twort

Paintings on walls

- Flora Twort, 1920s

- Writing by Flora Twort

- 'Market Day at Petersfield Market Square', 1939

Ink on paper

Founded as a market town, Petersfield has a long held regular markets. Market day at the Square was popular subject in Twort's work.

- 'The Florist at Market Day', 1950

Watercolour on paper

- The South West corner of the Square, 1962

Pencil on paper 

- Certificate 

From South Hampstead High School, awarded to Flora Twort for proficiency in drawing, 1911

- Self-portrait, 1911

Pencil on paper

- Male figure sketches 

Pencil on paper

Many of Twort's sketchbooks from he time at The Slade School of Art are filled with nude studies. The Slade encouraged students to draw from models in natural poses unlike other places that used plaster casts. Students were instructed to draw with swift and decisive use of line.

- Male figure sketches 

Charcoal on paper

- Sketches of figures and the Heath Pond

Pencil on paper

- Sketches of people and horses

Pencil on paper

Twort drew many sketches of horses and owned a book on the horse illustrated by leading horse painter, Lionel Edwards (1878-1966). She was also a keen horse rider, giving her plenty of time to study their form.

- 'Saturday Shopping at Petersfield Square', 1932

Ink and watercolour on paper

- Petersfield Heath pond

Oil on board

Though she normally painted watercolour, Twort also used oils. This painting is one of several other oil paintings of scenes at Petersfield Heath pond.

- 'The Saddler's Shop', 1928

Pencil and watercolour on paper

This featured in the Illustrated London News article 'Old England that is passing'. Twort said the shop 'belongs to days when the business held an important position in the town. Nowadays the saddler must take to leather work for motor cars if he wants to keep his shop going'.

- 'The Poultry Market'

Ink and watercolour on paper

From the 1920s to 1960s, the poultry market was held in Petersfield at the site of where Waterlooville Carpets is now. Artist and friend of Twort, Sir Standley Spencer, also painted the poultry market while staying in Petersfield.

- The Taro Fair at Petersfield Heath, 1930

Pencil and watercolour on paper

In the 1920s and 30s, Petersfield's Taro Fair was the biggest horse fair in the South of England. After the invention of cars, horses became less necessary. The Taro fair survived as a funfair, but Twort's accounts are an invaluable record of a bygone era.

- Print of 'Five Past Twelve'

Original ink and watercolour on paper, 1925

Twort's studio above the Bookshop at 1 and 2 The Square meant she regularly saw children running across The Square on school days. This painting, and its counterpart 'Ten to Nine', were displayed and well received at the Royal Academy.

- Girl with Pram

Pencil and watercolour on paper

Flora's illustrative style, represented well here, made her work suited for children's book illustrations. She created illustrations for a collection of children's stories by E. Temple Thurston published in 1929. 

- Young boy and girl

Pencil and watercolour on paper

- The Taro Fair on Petersfield Heath

Watercolour on paper

- Scene of the Taro Fair, 1926

Ink and watercolour on paper

Twort was fascinated with the Taro Fair and the travellers that came to it. Contemporary artists like Laura Knight also painted travellers and Twort may have been aware of the influenced by her work. Twort became close to some members of the traveller community and once travelled with them.

- The Taro Fair on Petersfield Heath

Watercolour on paper

- Print of 'Cattle Market at Petersfield Square'

Original ink and watercolour on paper, 1933

The final cattle market was held in the square in 1962, after being closed due to heath and safety concerns. Twort's paintings give us a unique look at the bustle and atmosphere of the market.

- Twort's sister, mother and father, 1913

Pencil on paper

- Dr William Twort, brother of Flora Twort 

Oil on wood

- Alan Earlsman Frederick Wheeler, 1944

Pastel on paper

Twort created many portraits of servicemen killed during the war. The name of this man was discovered when the painting was matched with a photograph of Alan Earlsman Frederick Wheeler. He was a Sergeant in the Officer Training Corps killed in 1941 when his ship was hit by enemy fire.

- Print of Dr Harry Roberts portrait

Original charcoal on paper, 1947

Roberts was a close friend of Twort and played a huge part in introducing her to Petersfield and local literary and art personalities. It was with Roberts' help that Twort founded the Bookshop at 1 and 2 The Square.

- Print of Marie Brahms portrait 

Original charcoal on paper, 1926

- Sketch of boy

Red crayon on paper

- Print of 1 and 2 The Square and Church Path cottages 

Ink on paper

- Church Path cottage entrance and cat

Ink and watercolour on paper

- Church Path cottages and print of St Peter's Church

Ink on paper

- Prints of The Square 

Ink on paper

- Twort at Oakshott Hanger, near Petersfield

- Dr Harry Roberts and Twort beekeeping at Oakshott Hanger

- Twort in her studio at Church Path

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Flora Twort’s printing blocks

Twort created many prints of scenes around Petersfield. She carved designs into lino or wood and used ink to create the prints.


Flora Twort’s palette


Flora Twort’s drawing materials

Pencils and pastels used by Flora Twort.


Flora Twort’s sketchbook