Time Travelling Trunks

Time Travelling Trunks are our exciting loans boxes that allow you to bring all the fun of the museum to your school. Available for weekly hire our Time Travelling Trunks include everything you need to explore your topic of study. From ready made activities with objects and instructions to remote assistance from our staff our loans boxes are great for an engaging introduction to a topic, to support specific elements of the topic or as a fun way to conclude the topic. All of the objects and instructions come in a vintage travel trunk to add an extra layer of excitement to the experience. 

Time Travelling Trunks cost £30, to find out more or to book your Time Travelling Trunk call 01760 262601 or email education@petersfieldmuseum.co.uk

Buriton Chalk Pits: Suitable for KS2 History, geography, numeracy and literacy

This loan box explores what it was like being part of the workforce at this once thriving industrial site using examples of real people’s lives. Listen to their stories, share their experiences, follow their routines and gain an insight into working life during the latter part of the 18th/early 19th Century.

Historic Map Resource Pack: Suitable for:KS1, KS2 and KS3 History , KS1, KS2 and KS3 Geography

This collection of replica historic maps of Petersfield and the surrounding area has been copied to full size and colour and is suitable for handling. This is an ideal pack to study how the local area has changed and what it may have been like to live here in the past. Historical pictures of Petersfield can be included to complement the maps if needed.

Flora Twort Resource Pack: Suitable for KS1, 2, and 3 Art, KS1 and 2 History

This pack contains prints of some of Flora Twort’s most famous paintings. These inspiring paintings are an important record of the social history of Petersfield and the surrounding area. There are examples of different styles of work as well as different techniques used to create the pictures. Pupils can investigate why she used the materials she did and what inspired her.

First World War: Suitable for: KS2 and KS3 History

A collection of resources examining life during the First World War both locally and nationally. This resource box contains images, artefacts and information related to trench warfare, the home front, the role of animals and communication in order to examine the huge impact the war had on Britain.

Second World War: Suitable for KS2 and KS3 History

This loan box contains objects that examine life during and after the Second World War. It looks at the experiences of those fighting as well as those at home. Objects linked to rationing, The Blitz, Soldiers experiences and Evacuation are all contained in this loan box, as well as archival material that help students understand this important time in history.

Toys: Suitable for KS1 History and Science

This loans box contains some old toys that have been played with in by children in the past. Children can investigate the toys and look for similarities and differences between their own toys and ones from the past. For example: this box contains ITS Minibrix manufactured in Petersfield and some modern Duplo (Lego), how are they different from each other? They can also look at the toys from a scientific point of view and consider why certain Toys are made with certain materials.

Romans: Suitable for: KS1 and KS2 History

This loan box contains a wide range of objects addressing various aspects of Roman Life. Students can explore the objects to discover more about life in Roman times. Contains replicas clothes, images, toys and items from everyday life, as well as real artefacts found around Hampshire.

Costumes and Textiles

Petersfield Museum has an extensive collection of historic costume and this resource box allows pupils to examine the different materials and styles from a range of clothing, accessories and images dating between 1800’s and the modern day. All items can be handled and showcase the changing fashions of British society.

Rocks and Minerals: Suitable for KS2 Science

This Loan box contains samples of rocks, minerals and fossils from around the world, including ones from the local area. They provide children an opportunity to examine them more closely and get a better understanding of how they are formed and what they are used for. Contains other material and resources to further pupils understanding, such as pictures and activities.

We believe we have something to offer everyone so please browse our website and if you have any questions, please contact Rosalind Norrell, our Learning and Community Engagement Officer on 01730 262601 or education@petersfieldmuseum.co.uk.