Our schools workshops offer a hands-on and immersive experience designed to inspire and support your topic.  

On site Workshops
Based in our unique Victorian courthouse our workshops are designed to bring your topic to life in a fun and interactive way whilst supporting your classroom teaching. 
Workshops last 2 hours and include a welcome and introduction, three hands-on and interactive activities, a plenary and goodbye. Sessions are delivered to one class at a time and timings work around your school day.

Toys Through Time:
What did children play with in the past? In this session a range of toys from old to new are used to examine how materials and ideas have changed when making toys. Children will discuss their own toys and look for similarities and differences between their own toys and toys from the past. They will also look at chronology and how toys and playtime have changed since over the last century. There is also the opportunity to do what toys were designed to do and play with our collection of historical toys!

The Victorian School Room
Sit up straight! Don't fidget! Stand in that corner! Your class will be transported back to the Victorian school room and meet School Master Watts who will teach them all about life in a Victorian school room in an immersive and interactive way. Pupils will be able to compare their experience of school today with that of Victorian children.

Petersfield Evacuees
What was it like to leave your home and live with perfect strangers in a different part of the country? This workshop uses the experience of real evacuees who found Petersfield their home for the duration of the Second World War and those who took them in. Combining role play, object handling and an air raid drill, your students will discover and explore the story of evacuation from the logistics and reasoning for the exercise to the personal experience of those who were effected.   

Out and About workshops:
These workshops take your pupils out and about to explore the rich heritage of Petersfield while maintaining the same hands-on and immersive features of our onsite Workshops.

The Archaeology of Petersfield Museum
Be transported back to the prehistoric landscape of Petersfield Heath. Your pupils will discover how humans have been using and living on Petersfield Heath since the Stone Age and get the opportunity to get hands-on with archaeological objects dating back almost 10,000 years. They will also learn about how we learn about prehistory through the process of archaeology and the significance of the hidden history under their feet. 

Petersfield Through Time
Travel through 2,000 years of history on this walking tour of Petersfield town centre. Pupils will explore how the town has changed over time, both in living memory and further back. The time-travelling tour will include the use of photographs to demonstrate the changes that are being highlighted.