All of our workshops are delivered at the Museum and are led by our Learning and Community Engagement Officer. Each workshop works within the National Curriculum and can be developed to meet individual class needs, being used as an exciting topic hook, or as a fun conclusion to a topic. Each workshop lasts for approximately 90mins and involves a number of engaging hands on activities depending on the topic.
The museum can accommodate up to 30 children per workshop and can run two workshops a day.
The workshops are £45.00 per workshop.
Below are some examples of the workshops that we offer. To discuss further or to book a workshop please email or call 01730 262601.

Petersfield Through Time: Suitable for KS1 and KS2 History and Geography

Explore the history of Petersfield on a guided walk around the town looking at the changes that have happened since its foundation by the Normans before heading to the museum and exploring historical maps to identify the differences and discuss what might have caused theses changes. 

Romans: Suitable for: KS1 and KS2 History

This workshop looks at four particular areas of Roman life – Religion, Childhood, Dress and Food and Drink. Children will work in groups to investigate each topic, using objects and pictures to lead their discussion. They will share their ideas with the rest of the class and compare their own experiences with life in Roman times.

First World War: Suitable for KS2 and KS3 History

Focusing on areas such as communication, the role of animals and the trenches, this session will help pupils understand the experiences of those people fighting and at home, who lived through the First World War. It also looks at the impact of the First World War on Petersfield and the surrounding area.

Second World War: Suitable for KS1 and KS2 History

This workshop examines life during and after the Second World War. It looks at the experiences of those fighting as well as those at home by covering key events and aspects of the Second World War including rationing, The Blitz, Soldiers experiences and Evacuation. The workshop will use group work, class discussions and object handling to investigate what life was like at this time.

Toys: Suitable for KS1 History and Science

In this session a range of old and new toys are used to examine how materials and ideas have changed when making toys. Children will discuss their own toys and look for similarities and differences between their toys and ones from the past. Children will also look at what children did to entertain themselves when they didn't have any toys.

Archaeology of Petersfield: Suitable for KS2 and KS3 History

Discover Petersfield’s exciting and varied history by getting ‘hands on’ with some archaeological artefacts from the area. Pupils can examine a variety of finds including some dating back to the Bronze age as well as Roman times and explore how the work of archaeologists can help us understand what life was like in the past.

Rocks and Minerals: Suitable for KS2 Science

This workshop addresses how different rocks formed, what are they used for and what their properties are. By studying the landscape of the South Downs National Park, children will also gain a better understanding of the world around them. This will be supported by a variety of activities that will help children gain a better understanding about why rocks and minerals are so important.

Every Picture Tells a Story: KS2 Art and History

This workshop examines the work and techniques of Flora Twort. Firstly using drama and group discussion to study the characters and style of her work, pupils will then have a go at creating their own work in the style of Flora Twort.

We believe we have something to offer everyone so please browse our website and if you have any questions, please contact our Learning and Community Engagement Officer on 01730 262601 or