'A Little Town and some of its people' - Poems inspired by Flora Twort

In her second month as our Creative Resident, Hampshire poet Ellora Sutton, has be inspired by the work of artist Flora Twort.

You can find her whole suite of works here and find out about her inspiration and process here.

Flora Meets The Bookshop

1 & 2 The Square, Petersfield, 1918.

You moved under my hand

like a tethered horse. Even then,

through the plaster and cement,

I could hear the beating of your hearth.

I saw a lot of myself in you,

the way you held your bones

like a final art-school ration

of slithered almonds. Even then

I knew you would teach me everything –

all the ways of describing light,

ways of breathing.

You opened your roofspace to me

and I, homing pigeon, flew.

Don't miss out on the chance to meet Ellora and immerse yourself in poetry this Saturday as we host Poetry at the Museum day.