Outdoor Theatre is coming!!

For the first time ever Petersfield Museum will be bringing live theatre to both The Courtyard and Courthouse! Experience amazing story telling in our unique surroundings both outside in The Courtyard and in the Victorian Courthouse. From court case re-enactments to Shakespeare there will be something for everyone!

Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf (22nd July, 2pm):

Folksy Theatre are proud to bring you, 'Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf'. Little Red sets off through the forest to visit Grandma but the journey won’t be easy, not with all these distractions! The three pigs are building their new homes, Goldilocks is having problems with some bears and to top it all off, the Big Bad Wolf is out on the hunt for his dinner! Can Little Red help her friends and still outsmart the hungry Wolf? Filled with live music, colourful characters and puppetry, this wonderful family musical, preformed in the Museum's new courtyard has something for everyone! Bring along your picnics, folding chairs and friends and family!

Tickets are on sale now and are available from: www.folksytheatre.co.uk.

The Tempest (31st August, 7pm)

Folksy Theatre are excited to bring you Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'. Prospero conjures a storm and torments the survivors of a shipwreck, including his treacherous brother, Antonio. Meanwhile Prospero’s slave, Caliban, plots to rid himself of his master but is thwarted by Prospero’s spirit-servant Ariel. Ferdinand then falls in love with Prospero’s daughter Miranda. Will Prospero grant Ariel her freedom and be restored to his dukedom? Will Ferdinand and Miranda’s love overcome all? Folksy’s wonderful production is filled with live music, colourful characters, enchantment and a little touch of magic. Bring along your picnics, blankets and folding chairs.