A Poem for Petersfield!


Your words are wanted – donate a line (or two)!

What is your favourite memory of Petersfield? What is your favourite place, favourite sound or taste or smell? How would you describe Petersfield to an alien? Or in just three words? What colour is Petersfield, what shape, what bird?

Write a line (or two) in the box below and return it to Petersfield Museum by Wednesday 1st June and it could be part of ‘A Poem for Petersfield, By Petersfield’, a project by the museum’s poet-in-residence, Ellora Sutton, to make a found poem celebrating the town in the words of the people who know it best. All ages and abilities welcome to contribute!

You can submit your contribution by email by clicking here or write your donated words down and drop them off at the Museum's Welcome Desk.

The finished poem will be shared with the whole town in July so keep an eye an ear out!