Edward Thomas Literary Festival (Friday 2nd October)

Places of Inspiration: Identifying the places that inspired Edward Thomas.

Discover more about a project to uncover some of the locations that inspired the work of Edward Thomas. 

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'Sad Songs of Autumn Mirth': Lessons on Nature, Mental Health and Edward Thomas.

This talk explores the relationship between nature and mental health in the poetry of Edward Thomas and reflects on the contemporary relevance of the poet's treatment of this subject. Throughout his life Edward Thomas suffered from severe bouts of depression that he examined with unflinching honesty in his poems. Thomas’s mental health was intimately connected with the need for deep engagement with the natural world as a way to ease his suffering. This talk will draw upon close readings of the poems to consider how nature helped Edward Thomas’s mental health, the extent of its impact on his wellbeing and the lessons his poetic reflections on the subject can offer to contemporary understanding of this complex illness. 

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Edward Thomas and 'Spirit of Place' with Matthew Oates

In the poetry of Edward Thomas it can seem that the places he loved are almost speaking to us through his words. Edward understood that locations could be more than just the sum of their physical parts, that they can hold unique, distinctive and cherished aspects that could hold wonder and awe for those who could see it. He appreciated this 'Spirit of Place', and celebrated it through his writing.

In this talk nature poet, author, broadcaster and ecologist Matthew Oates explores the links between Edward's work and 'Spirit of Place', examining his personal relationships with the landscapes he loved and wrote about.

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Jade Cuttle: The Plant-Whisperer - An Eco-Story.

In this extended poetic monologue, a self-confessed plant-whisperer shares a fictional elegy to a house-plant, radio drama-style, offering a sinister and surreal insight into the side-effects of self-isolation. The monologue will be accompanied by an ambient musical backdrop which uses a device that is able to perceive the electromagnetic waves from the surface of plants and translate these into pitch, allowing the plant to sing. This session will help you tune into the inner world of plants and use it as a springboard for thinking and writing poetically about your own connection to nature.

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Hampshire Poets Together: An evening of poetry.

Sit back, relax and join us for an evening of local (digital!), Hampshire poetry with Hampshire poets, Stephanie Norgate, Maggie Sawkins, John Haynes, Robyn Bolam and Steve O'Brien.

This poetry reading evening will take place over Zoom, bringing the poets into your living room as they share their work with you.

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