Translating Thomas

Join Marie-Marthe Gervais, archivist for The Edward Thomas Fellowship and university lecturer, as she introduces former Portsmouth University lecturer and colleague Vladimir Fisera who will look at the joys and challenges of translating Edward Thomas's poetry into a foreign language.

Whilst anthologies of Thomas's work have been brought out in several languages, there are only individual poems that have been translated into French. Many of these are the work of Vladimir who will be reading some of them in this session that has been recorded from his home in France.

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Meet the speakers:

Vladimir Fisera

Vladimir Fisera was born in Paris where he studied and obtained multiple degrees including a PhD in Contemporary History. He taught at the University of Paris Sud and at the Paris and Strasbourg branches of several American universities before becoming a Reader, later a Professor in Contemporary European Studies at Portsmouth Polytechnic / University where he stayed for 14 years until 1987. He then became a Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Strasbourg where he remained until his retirement. He has published widely in history and politics. He is also, under the name of Claude Vancour, the author of eight collections of poems and regular author in various French language literary journals. He has translated many English language authors in poetry magazines including Edward Thomas, who he was introduced to by his former colleague in Portsmouth, Dr Marie-Marthe Gervais.

Dr Marie-Marthe Gervais

A retired University lecturer, now working as a Language Consultant, Marie-Marthe lives in rural Hampshire, near the village of Steep. She was introduced to Edward Thomas by her late husband, Dr David C. Gervais, who lectured and published on Edward Thomas’s poetry. She has been a member of the Edward Thomas Fellowship for many years. She is currently a committee member wearing two hats: Archivist of the Fellowship records and Representative Friends of Steep Church.