Edward Thomas and 'Spirit of Place' with Matthew Oates

Friday 2nd October, 2pm.

In the poetry of Edward Thomas it can seem that the places he loved are almost speaking to us through his words. Edward understood that locations could be more than just the sum of their physical parts, that they can hold unique, distinctive and cherished aspects that could hold wonder and awe for those who could see it. He appreciated this 'Spirit of Place', and celebrated it through his writing.

In this talk nature poet, author, broadcaster and ecologist Matthew Oates explores the links between Edward's work and 'Spirit of Place', examining his personal relationships with the landscapes he loved and wrote about.

This talk is a live Zoom webinar and will include a Q+A session afterwards.

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Meet our speaker:

Matthew Oates is a naturalist and nature-poet who writes for The Times Nature Notebook.  He worked as a specialist on nature for the National Trust for many years and is considered an expert on butterflies.  His latest book is His Imperial Majesty, a natural history of the Purple Emperor.  Above all else, he sees nature through the poetic eye.