200 Club

The Petersfield Museum 200 Club has been set up to raise valuable funds every year to help maintain the Museum as a heritage centre for the people of Petersfield and the surrounding area. Conservation of artefacts is costly and our two buildings need constant maintenance. Outreach activities are increasing but require ongoing funding. 

This is how it works...

You buy a number which costs £2 per month (just 50p per week!) There will be a draw once a month. 

50% of the income for that period will be the prize fund, the other 50% will go towards the Museum funds. There will be 3 prizes every month, one at 25% and two at 12.5%.


You may buy more than one number if you wish and stand a better chance of winning - even choose your own number(s) if available. 

Numbers may be purchased preferably for a year (£24) or 6-monthly if you prefer. Cheques, cash or standing orders are all acceptable. Winners will be paid by cheque within 10 days of each draw. 

You can download an application form here

Thank you for supporting our museum.