'The ever encouraging friend' - Discovering WH Hudson

2nd October, 2021 - 2nd October, 2021

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Start and end times
3:00pm - 4:00pm
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Edward Thomas had many notable friends who encouraged and supported him to start writing poetry. This fascinating talk looks at one such friend, WH Hudson, whose work in his own field, like Thomas's is often overlooked.

The nature writer WH Hudson was in many ways the David Attenborough of his day. That was in an era when nature writing was widely read, and before the advent of broadcast media. The WH Hudson Memorial in Hyde Park was opened by Stanley Baldwin, then Prime Minister. Yet Hudson grew up in Argentina and only moved here aged 32, to wander the woods, heaths, downs and lanes, especially of southern England, and write prodigiously and muse uniquely on Nature.

Hudson became a close friend of Edward Thomas and encouraged Thomas to write poetry. Thomas dedicated his biography of Richard Jefferies to Hudson, and Hudson wrote the foreword to one of Thomas’s essay collections. Most important, Hudson regarded Thomas as the son he never had. They were that close.

Naturalist Matthew Oates, a disciple of both writers, explores the significance of WH Hudson in the lead up to the centenary of his death.

This event will take place at Petersfield Museum and will also be available to watch via a live stream.