Flora Twort: ‘Some of the Things We have lost’

20th March, 2018 - 8th December, 2018

General admission fees apply.

Start and end times
10:00am - 4:00pm

100 years ago, Flora Twort arrived in a town that was different to the Petersfield we know today. She lived here until her death in 1985, and recorded a lifetime of change in her artwork and writing.

This exhibition will showcase paintings of Flora’s which capture her experience of Petersfield. She painted the shops around the Square, and the Taro Fair on the Heath, both of which were affected by the introduction of motor power. Later in life she would look back upon her work as ‘a record of some of the things we have lost.’

But Flora was ambivalent towards change, and acknowledged that some things had changed for the better. 50 years after her arrival, she wrote that she hoped ‘the future people of Petersfield will like their new town as much as we loved ours'. Now anther 50 years have passed, have a look at Flora’s paintings and see what you think.