Inspiring Women of Petersfield

6th February, 2018 - 6th February, 2018

Adult £7
Member £5

Start and end times
7:00pm - 10:00pm

This year sees the centenary of Women being given the right to vote. Although it only applied to Women over the age of 30, who were married to a member of the Local Government Register, a property owner or a graduate voting in a University constituency it was the beginning of voting equality.
This February on the anniversary of the Fourth Reform Act Petersfield Museum is holding a special evening of talks to celebrate this momentous event. ‘Inspiring Women of Petersfield’ will introduce just some of the inspiring Women, past and present, that have called Petersfield and the surrounding village’s home.
During the evening you will discover more about Amy Garrett Badley, who founded Bedales school with her husband and was a strong campaigner for Women’s suffrage; Kathleen Merritt a pioneer among 20th-century women conductors; local artist Flora Twort and her circle of friends Hester Wagstaff, Winifred Stamp and Marie Brahms who were all ahead of their time; and Tiffany Francis whose journey from blogger to published author is truly inspirational.