Science Fiction: The area that inspired a genre

4th May, 2022 - 29th April, 2023

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10:00am - 5:00pm
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The exhibition will focus on H G Wells, John Wyndham and Sir Alec Guinness and their work within the genre of science fiction. It explores how and why they came to live in the area and how the location impacted their work.

H G Wells lived with his mother who was a housekeeper at nearby Uppark. His time there influenced his books including The Time Machine in which the Morlocks live in underground tunnels similar to those used by the servants Uppark. He also found a telescope in the attic at Uppark, which he used to look into space and imagine other worlds. John Wyndham drew inspiration from the brambles of Steep when imagining the Triffids. His experience at Bedales inspired the development of strong female characters in novels such as in Trouble with Lichen. Although Alec Guinness was not directly inspired by the local area, his home at Kettlebrook Meadows, Steep Marsh provided respite from his work as an actor.

This exhibition can be found in The Standfield Gallery.