Sketchbook to Painting (Workshop)

15th October, 2022 - 15th October, 2022

Standard Participant: £30.00


Standard Participant: £30.00

Start and end times
10:00am - 3:00pm
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Join Nic on a sketch-to-studio adventure using watercolours.

Welcome to the world of Constable and Turner, modern masters such as Hockney and of course our own Flora Twort.

Before digital cameras we had only pencils, portable mediums and curiosity. Photographs capture reality too well, so this return to basics enhances observation and subject familiarity. You will initially meet outside the Museum and head towards the Square where you will discuss subject matter and composition through the note-taking medium of sketching. With your acquired ‘notes’ we will return to the Museum and create a painting.

The results of sketch-painting are increased familiarity with the subject and reduced self-criticism. Your resulting final painting will be more vibrant and energetic and you will feel a greater sense of achievement.

This course runs from 10am-3pm, there is a cafe at the Museum but it does not serve lunch so please bring your own. 

A list of required materials will be sent to participants closer to the course start date.