Writing Beyond What you See - A Poetry Workshop

24th September, 2022 - 24th September, 2022

Standard: £10.00


Standard: £10.00

Start and end times
10:30am - 12:30pm
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When is the blank page not a blank page? When it’s a painting!

Petersfield has a long and rich artistic tradition, from artists like Flora Twort to writers like Edward Thomas. Now it’s your chance to take your place alongside them in this engaging, inspiring poetry workshop, suitable for all abilities.                                              

Join award-winning queer poet and former Petersfield Museum Poet-in-Residence Ellora Sutton to write poems inspired by and responding to works of art. What stories are there hidden in the paintings of Flora Twort?

What characters are waiting to speak to you from the photographs of Don Eades? What techniques might we, as poets, steal from visual artists? And how can we use art to overcome writer’s block? The workshop will last two hours, including writing time.