Our Fashion and Textiles Collection ranges from the 18th century to modern day and includes home-made garments, ready-to-wear clothes and designer items. 

Beadles Historic Dress Collection

Bedales school, near Petersfield, began collecting historic clothes in the 1940s to be worn by students in their school productions. The Head of drama understood in the transformative power of clothes, and believed that if you wore a dress or waistcoat from a specific period, you would better come to understand your character. In 2007, the school donated over 1,000 pieces, dating from the 18th century to the 19th century, forming a significant part of the Fashion and Textiles collection. 

Fashion and Textiles

The Fashion and Textiles collection is varied and includes crinolines, ball gowns, waistcoats, uniforms, hats, shoes and swimwear. The collection also includes textile objects including hand-made banners from local societies.