Please contact Petersfield Museum and Art Gallery if you are the owner of the copyright or related rights to images or other material on display. Also please contact us if:

  • you believe that the content may be subject to a third-party ownership or other legal claim,
  • or you believe that use of this content infringes your intellectual property or any other rights.

The museum will take down the content from display upon receipt of your written objection and our initial verification of your complaint, while the matter is investigated.

Additionally, please contact the museum if you have further information about the origin of images and contextual information, such as who took the image, and who is in the image. This information can assist in enriching our understanding of the museum’s collection.

When contacting the museum please state where in the museum the relevant material appears and the nature of your enquiry.

Please contact the museum using the following email:

For any other copyright queries, please contact the Head of Collections and Exhibitions, Louise Weller –