We are a passionate and dedicated team committed to providing an excellent experience at our museum and art gallery, conserving our collections, and bringing exciting events to our community. 

Our staff team members (in alphabetical order)

Emily Langrish 
Visitor Experience Supervisor
Emily is the newest member of our team who leads on our visitor services, coordinates our ever-growing museum and art gallery volunteer team, and manages the Shop and retail offering. 

Jack May
Hospitality Manager 
Jack is everything hospitality, from running the Coffee Shop and catering offerings to coordinating our commercial events and venue hires.
Pop into the Coffee Shop and meet Jack and our friendly team of Coffee Shop baristas: Kieran Bell, Laura Perez-Lopez and Tom Stephenson.

Dan McWilliam
Director of Petersfield Museum and Art Gallery
Dan is the driving force behind our organisation. Leading our efforts, mission and values, Dan oversees our team and the running of Petersfield Museum and Art Gallery.

Jeremy Mitchell
Vice-Chair, Fundraiser and Keeper of the Edward Thomas Study Centre (part-time)
Jeremy leads our fundraising efforts and initiatives and is also Vice-Chair of Petersfield Museum and Art Gallery Limited. He also oversees the Edward Thomas Study Centre and is the Chair of the Edward Thomas Fellowship.

Molly Schmidt
Marketing and Communications Officer 
Molly manages all marketing, press, and communications to tell the world about the art exhibitions, upcoming events, and extraordinary collections hosted at Petersfield Museum and Art Gallery.

Margaret Thackray
Finance Officer (part-time)
Margaret is our master of accounts, purveyor of payments, and manages all invoices and payments for Petersfield Museum and Art Gallery.

Ryan Watts
Head of Engagement & Designated Safeguarding Lead
Ryan captains our education, events and engagement outreach programmes — from facilitating school and education visits, expanding activities for all museum visitors, under 5's and families to enjoy, and bringing exciting events hosted on our campus.

Louise Weller
Head of Collections and Exhibitions 
Louise is the guardian of our collections and overseer of all exhibitions at Petersfield Museum and Art Gallery — conserving our collections for future generations while bringing art exhibitions to our visitors.

Petersfield Museum and Art Gallery Trustees

Vaughan Clarke (Chair)

Luc Blais (Finance)

Ann Brooks

Frances Cook 

Richard Foster

Bill Gosney 

Doug Jones 

Paul Martin

Jeremy Mitchell (Vice-Chair)

Stephen Murfitt (Company Secretary)

Win Normington

Janet Sinclair

Our Valued Volunteers

We are immensely grateful for our dedicated team of volunteers. They are the constant presence around our museum and art gallery, during our events, and our conservation efforts with our collections. They devote their time and passion to helping us in various ways, and we are immensely grateful for their support.

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities, please reach out with our General Enquiry form.