Transform traditional learning into a thrilling adventure with our National Curriculum focused workshops! Step beyond the confines of the classroom and immerse your students in the fascinating world of history.

Workshops last 2 hours and include three hands-on, immersive activities. Pupils can also explore the Museum and Art Gallery’s exhibitions. Sessions are delivered to one class at a time and timings work around your school day. 

Discover Unique Settings:

Our workshops unfold in distinctive locations, from the atmospheric Victorian Courthouse to the ancient landscapes of Petersfield Heath. Picture your students exploring the past in these authentic settings, where history comes alive around every corner.

Interactive Exploration:

Through hands-on activities and captivating narratives, our workshops go beyond textbooks. Whether delving into the intricacies of prehistoric life or navigating the historical streets of Petersfield, students actively engage with their subjects, fostering a deep and lasting understanding.

Beyond the Ordinary:

At Petersfield Museum and Art Gallery, we don't just teach history; we make it an experience. Watch as your students connect with the past in ways they never imagined, sparking curiosity and leaving them with a newfound appreciation for learning.