Get ready to march to the beat of joy at our "Musical Melodies" event! Unleash your inner maestro alongside your Mischief Maker as you explore a treasure trove of musical instruments, creating harmonious memories that will resonate long after the day is done.

Our Chief Mischief Maker takes center stage, leading the way with a symphony of classic children's songs. Join the chorus, tap your toes, and let the melodies weave a magical tapestry of shared moments. This interactive musical extravaganza is not just an event—it's an invitation to immerse yourselves in the joy of music-making with your little ones.

Don't miss this chance to make musical memories that will have you humming and smiling all the way home. 

About Museum Mischief Makers:

Delve deep into a realm of interactive and sensory play, allowing your little Mischief Maker to experience the Museum and Art Gallery like never before – in vibrant, tactile, and occasionally, wonderfully messy ways!

We believe in the boundless creativity of young minds. Hence, our activities are designed not to restrict but to liberate. Here, there are no rules - just fun, complete freedom of expression, and countless opportunities to engage with the wonders around them.

From intriguing textures and colours to immersive experiences, Museum Mischief Makers invites you and your child to not merely observe but to actively partake and make lasting memories.

Come, embrace the mischief with us!

  • Our Mischief Makers sessions are Free to attend but booking is required.
  • All children must be accompanied by an adult (18+).
  • Maximum of 2 children per adult.
  • Please book a free ticket for each attendee (including adults).